Measurement Standards

Measurement Standards

Association of Indonesian Public
Relations Companies :

Rate Card and Measurement Standards
for PR Industry Indonesia

Association of Indonesian Public Relations Companies (APPRI) launched a set of recommended Rate Card and Measurement Standards for public relations (PR) industry in the country today here. The standards are developed through discussions by a task force comprising several APPRI member companies in a few months and so we hope for a positive response from the PR industry in Indonesia

This new APPRI Standardization covers a new formula to measure the results of the publication of media reports, so that the value of publication (PR value) is more accurate and is based on mutual consensus.

The recommended Standards cover about 18 types of public relations services in which lower tariff have been agreed upon. This includes the cost of services for Media Relations (such as press conference), Media Monitoring, to social media management. “All this time, the measurement of the work of public relations consultants has always been equal to the value in the advertising industry. Therefore, following this launch we hope clients will understand and appreciate it.

It is important for agencies (public relations and digital) to have the set of recommended rate card and measurement standards so that PR industry players are not trapped by a steep price cut strategy, but are more competitive in providing excellent services to clients. We hope that the APPRI Standardization would mark the beginning of mutual support among the local public relations agencies and the digital agencies to collaborate more.

APPRI will distribute the rate card and measurement standards to all corporations that have already been collaborating with PR and digital agencies, or have been planning to use their services in Indonesia, both through work visits and training.

APPRI Chairman,


Jojo S. Nugroho


Association of Indonesian Public Relations Companies (APPRI) is the only professional organization that concern about Indonesia’s PR companies who have the spirit and the responsibility to develop and advance the PR industry in the country.

APPRI was established in April 10, 1987 by several well-known PR figures and also the owner of PR firms in Indonesia. APPRI has a vision to become main organization of Indonesian public relations companies whose members have international competitiveness. Its mission is to create a supportive condition in Indonesia’s competitive and healthy PR industry.

Currently, APPRI has a total of 98 member companies, including some inactive ones. In a bid to protect and support the development and skills of its member companies in order to be able to host in their own country and fairly compete in international arena, APPRI will collaborate with all relevant stakeholders in the PR industry in Indonesia such as the government, media and other PR institutions not only in Indonesia, but also abroad.

This is important for the
development of PR industry
in Indonesia

Maria Wongsonagoro

Indonesia PR Guru and President
Director IPM PR

This is a must read book to PR practitioner. A guide
to crafting an integrated
PR’s Value for today’s era
— an era that continues
to change and everything
is measurable, including
outputs and/or outcomes
of that PR programme
against a predetermined of

Paramita Sari

Chairwoman Himpunan Humas Hotel
(H3) Jakarta, Corporate Director of
Communications Parador Hotels & Resorts

Such standardization in rate
card and measurement had
long been desired. As one
of the APPRI founders, this
what we have been hoped
for and we’re glad that
the Standards are finally


Miranti Abidin
Indonesia PR Guru, Founder
Fortune PR

We live in the midst of a
revolution in communication
technologies that affects the
way in which people feel,
think, and behave. The mass
media, including web-based
media, Manuel Castells
argues, has become the
space where political and
business power strategies
are played out; power now
lies in the hands of those
who understand or control


We, as PR professionals
truly live and must
understand fully these
fast-moving trends. Today,
Indonesia’s fledgling but fast
growing PR industry has
finally introduced, through
the tireless work of APPRI
(Indonesia’s Association
of PR Companies) two
key PR standards, i.e.
PR measurement and a
PR Services standard
to serve as an industry
benchmark for those
seeking to undertake PR/
communications. These
long overdue PR industry
standards are finally here
like a breath of fresh air.
They will help guide our
industry into a future steep
with new competitive

Inke Maris, MA.

PR expert and Chairman of Inke Maris & Associates,
Strategic Communications Consultant

Perhimpunan Humas
Rumah Sakit Indonesia
(PERHUMASRI) menyambut
gembira diterbitkannya
standar pengukuran public
relations ini. Standar
pengukuran ini dapat
menjadi panduan Humas
RS dalam mengukur secara
kuantitatif program PR-nya.

Panduan ini sangat
membantu Humas
dan Pimpinan Rumah
Sakit dalam memahami
bagaimana menetapkan
indikator dan mengukur
kinerja dalam publikasi
media. Panduan ini perlu
dan sangat membantu.

Anjari Umarjiyanto

Ketua Umum Perhumas Rumah Sakit
Indonesia (Perhumasri)

Buku ini menjadi pedoman
dalam menjaga kualitas
para PR Agency pastinya.
Di kampus, minim sekali
diajarkan tentang PR
Value secara detil.
Di kantor pemerintah sendiri,
monitoring dan analisis isu
dari media rutin dilakukan
baik per isu/ kegiatan
maupun setiap harinya.
Saya tidak terlalu yakin
apakah para GPR paham
menghitung PR value secara
detil berdasarkan rumus
dan metodologi yang tepat.
Konten buku ini sangat
baik untuk disosialisasikan
seluas-luasnya di kalangan
PR berbagai sektor.

Dr. Dyah Rachmawati Sugiyanto

Ketua Umum Ikatan Pranata Humas (Iprahumas)

This book succinctly brings
together the importance of
PR measurement and its
impacts. It’s practical guide
for those curious about
PR evaluation. Congrats to


Agung Laksamana MSc, MCIPR
Chairman of Public Relations Association of
Indonesia (PERHUMAS)


Team Leader of PR Value Measurement
Standardization Team

Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude to God, for allowing me and the team to finalize the PR Value Measurement Standardization formula that will be used by the association as the standardized PR Value measurement in PR industry, especially for all APPRI member.

Experiencing both client and agency side, has open my eyes that PR industry in Indonesia (maybe in the world) has no single frame of reference in measuring the PR agency services. The formula that being used were very general and has never evolved since ages, yet the industry landscape has shifting since years ago. Even for the mature media type – print media, we were using many different formula, while current media landscape is being dominated by online media.

This formula was develop based on several best practices that has been used by clients and agencies. The formula can be used to justify a single article qualitative value as well as the quality of the campaign in PR point of view.

only that, with this formula PR agency services can be measured by marketing point of view and generate a return of investment value to justify the effectiveness of marketing investment through PR activities.

The breakthrough is this formula can measure the new “it” media type, the online media, and generate the same result with print media. With its complexity, the formula will transform the powerful and unique key performance of digital platform – pageview – to same value with print media. This will allow us to generate a standardized value from both online and print media, which means we can provide a single frame of Key Performance Indicator of PR Agencies services to our clients. More on that, we can have a justified benchmark of KPI of PR agencies services in Indonesia for brand communication campaign.

To close my words, I would like to thank Tyas and Yulia from IDComm who has work, got lost and confused together with me, in formulizing the PR Value Measurement. Also to Mba Rika and R&R Public Relation team who has helped us in providing some key data for the formula and Fransisca from Fabulo PR who has help us to understand the formula from one of our client as one of our benchmark in making this formula. And of course, thank you to APPRI for the trust and the opportunity given to me to lead the team.

Aurellio Kaunang


Business Director of Publicio


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