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Association of PR Company Indonesia (Asosiasi Perusahaan PR Indonesia – APPRI) as the only organization that houses the Indonesian PR companies has the spirit and responsibility to build and bring the Indonesian PR industry forward. APPRI is the voice of public relations consultancies nationwide.

On 10th of April 1987, with the background to protect the Indonesian PR company to be able to serve as host on its own country, few PR figures who own their respective PR company; Inke Maris, Maria Wongsonagoro, Miranty Abidin, Edowati Sudjono, Srikandi Hakim, Sayono, Ida Sudoyo agreed to establish Indonesian PR Association (APPRI).

On 2015, APPRI’s management re-lays the rationale of the founders and adapts it to the current situation and industry. With the enactment of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) right in front of our eyes; it is no longer relevant for each PR company to continue strive on its own. The spirit to become the host in our own country and compete in international level needs to be owned and cultivated together.

Welcome aboard and lets be the host in our own country!

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