Case Study : Diplomat Success Challenge-Wismilak Best PR Program from Marketing Mix

Become PR agency for a cigarette maker is not an easy job. Many governments regulation that shape this industry has become a fortress that restrains any creative ideas. So, certainly it is not a PR person if you only stand still without movement. When all windows and doors are tightly shut, PR has to penetrate. But how? Permeate! That is the most simple word to depict how PR suppose to work.


The category for Creative Public Relations Program 2016 is awarded to PT Wismilak Inti Makmur Tbk by Marketing Mix, a monthly magazine from SWA Group. The achievement is acclaimed for a program called Wismilak Diplomat Success Challenge. Prominent PR as the PR consultant is responsible to develop the social communication. The aim is to leverage positive perception towards Wismilak, so it will not seen as a consumption product only,  but as a corporation with big contribution towards Indonesia’s development trough entrepreneurship nurturing program.

Why does Wismilak prefer entrepreneur development program as their activities? Because Wismilak believes that “a nation will only be prosperous when it has 2% entrepreneurs of the whole citizen”. Data says, up to now there are only 0,18 % entrepreneurs in Indonesia. The figure is far from enough. That is the reason why Wismilak wants to facilitate more and more people to enter this prestigious profession and become the agent of change.


The Program that appeals the jury of Marketing Mix is addressed for male and female, those who are among 20-40 years old and have Indonesia citizenship. It has runs through 7 consecutive years and attracts thousands participants both from domestic and abroad. Prominent PR appointed to involve as the communication consultant since the last 2 years, starting from 2015 and 2016.


PR Strategy

Currently, Prominent PR owns a specific methodology called Delta Formula© that is applied for a program called Perception Salience Development. Delta is derived from a Greek literature that means ‘changes’ because Prominent PR wants to move out, and change from conventional or mainstream PR. The method is combining PR with various disciplines that prove PR is not only capable to develop awareness but also to take action and even to develop loyality beyond reason.


Meanwhile, Perception Saliance Development is about how to develop a strong perception that is steady against both internal and external attack. This effort needs time, commitment, consistency and precision. Not an easy effort but really possible to execute. While others try to achieve the goal step by step, Prominent PR choose anchoring to the goal then draws a road map from the target to the point where the desirable perception is located now.


Starting with a check list from Delta Formula© then we use it to compose the Brain Initiative which contains inspiration for the whole story telling. The most interesting Brain Initiative for DSC is a story telling entitled “Begin with the end in mind”. This contains mental stance, commitment, and the whole ecosystem that is needed to become an entrepreneur.

The specific strength of DSC Program is “not only well running businesses that are allowed to compete, even the idea or business concept can join and win.” Of course, the grant with total of 2 billion Rupiah is also a strong appealing reward. Especially when other competition, only provide relatively smaller amount of rewards in terms of loan.

After developing the Brain Initiave as the reference for story-telling, the next step is to develop the master narrative as the main communication reference of the whole program for both conventional and digital media including social media. This is the point to integrate the derivative communication to keep it consistence. During today’s digital communication era, almost everyone has fast access to information from various channels. PR has to be able to handle this situation and filling in every channels, within scale of priority while supported by third party endorsement.

From the Wismilak DSC 2015 business competition program, the champion is Irendra Radjawali who is used to be called as Raja. Then, he was a student for a doctorate graduate program in Germany. He visited Indonesia to attend the competition after his friends did a fund rising to pay his accommodation back home. Radja presented his product called MATA, Mesin Terbang Tanpa Awak or Flying Machine Without Pilot. The product, which is actually known as drone, is designed for remote sensing. According to Radja, MATA has higher precision compared to satellite imaging. Later, his effort inspires many youngsters in Indonesia.

This year, the board of jury has picked out Gazan Azka Ghafara as the champion of the program. He wins the competition with Zanana Chips, a brand of banana chips business that managed by him for almost 2 years. For now, the entrepreneurship competition runs by Wismilak already entering the 7th season. The selection process was starting in April 2016, including registration and proposal submission, and concluded in November 2016.

Prominent PR is grateful and proud as well for the recognition from Marketing Mix that is awarded Creative Public Relations Program 2016 to Wismilak DSC 2016 Team. Hopefully one of the purposes of PR activities in promoting and supporting better civilization will have wider chance for the sake of harmony of living.

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