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Bylaw of APPRI

This Bylaw is an important part for the existence of any non-profit organization, just like APPRI. Founded on 10th of April 1987, by a few Indonesian senior public relations practitioner on the basis of the spirit to organize, cultivate and unify various public relations company in Indonesia. Since founded, APPRI was completed only by Statute and not by Bylaw as the guide or reference or important indicator to kick start APPRI. It matters to determine the Chairman and Board of APPRI based on ‘appointment’ or without the democracy mechanism (discussion and consensus) as set in Bylaw.

The new Board of APPRI (2017-2020), determined to compile the Bylaw, hoped to be applied on 2017-2020 and further could be revised on Congress in 2020.


  1. Members of APPRI are companies with trade license in field of public relations services of public relations with office and run the business within Republic of Indonesia or have branch or public relations’ business activity overseas.
  2. Members of APPRI have managerial resources, financial and material with the quality and quantity to support the business.
  3. Members of APPRI consist of: Members and Prospective Members.
  4. Members are companies that have been officially registered and have met various administrative requirements and comply with various rules of APPRI such as Statutes, Bylaw and Code of Ethics of APPRI’s Member.
  5. Prospective Members are companies that are still undergo review, consideration or study APPRI and have intention to join and given the opportunity to participate in various event or activities held by APPRI.
  6. Prospective Members will officially become a member if it meets the terms and condition to become members of APPRI.


 1. Request to become a member in writing to the board of APPRI with complimentary documents.

a. Corporation Document (CV, PT, Firm).

b. Valid business license or certificate.

c. Valid company registration certificate

d. Tax Identification Number certificate

2.  After examining the prospective candidates’ file, Board will issue Official APPRI Admission Letter or certificate, no later 14 days or two weeks after the prospective member completing various requirements to become the member of APPRI. An official letter or APPRI membership certificate signed by the Chairman and the General Secretary of APPRI in two copies, each for member and APPRI’s archive.


  1. APPRI’s membership period is 3 years and can be renewed thereafter.
  2. Members wishing to extend the membership must submit the required materials as mentioned in Article 1.
  3. After researching the extension request , Board will publish a Membership Renewal Letter or certificate of membership for the next 3 years.


  1. Members who wish to quit or resign have to submit written letter stating the reason of such action.
  2. Members of APPRI who violates the Code of Ethics, Statutes and Bylaws of APPRI will be discussed by the Board and advisors of APPRI and given full authority to make decisions regarding the offending member.
  3. Members of APPRI who violate the Code of Ethics, Statutes and Bylaws of APPRI must answer the call from Board and advisors of APPRI to attend special meeting as an accountability action for the violation.


The rights of members consist of:

  1. Right to speak
  2. Right to vote
  3. Right to choose
  4. Right to be elected
  5. Right to participate in various activities of APPRI

Prospective members right consist of:

  1. Right to speak
  2. Right to participate in various activities of APPRI

Members’ obligation consist of:

  1. Abiding the Code of Conduct, Statutes and Bylaw of APPRI and all the regulations or decisions or policies set in APPRI conference.
  2. Upholding the principles of APPRI; always put a sense of community, kinship, mutual cooperation, and consensus and mutual respect.
  3. Pay initiation fees, monthly fees in which the mechanism and amount has been set jointly by all members of the Board or all members of APPRI in Congress.
  4. Required to attend the Congress and the Annual Meeting and meetings determined by the Board of APPRI.


Congress is a forum or the highest authority of APPRI, which take place every three years, led by the advisory board or special committee chosen by the Board with agenda as follow:

  1. Evaluating the performance of APPRI management for the past three years, start with accountability report by the current member of the Board.
  2. Enhancing or evaluating or revising the Statute, Bylaws and Code of Ethics.
  3. Choosing the Chairman and Secretary General. Furthermore the Chairman and Secretary General will be given the prerogative to determine the Deputy Chairman (may be none), General Treasurer, and other officials including the advisory board.
  4. Delivering or proposing variety of inputs such as work programs and other views for the new management from the members.
  5. Congress Forum define and specify the time and place of the next congress.


  1. ANNUAL MEETING (once a year) is a specified meeting (time, place and agenda) by the Board to evaluate various passed annual program and finalizing the next program. The Board, advisory board and related members based on the request or agreement of the Board, shall attend annual meeting.
  2. COMMITTEE MEETING is a committee meeting (forming committee, known and approved by the Board) for the preparation of various activities of APPRI based on the Board’s work program.
  3. SPECIAL MEETING (OTHER) will be determined by the Board.
  4. APPRI ANNIVERSARY shall be carried out as follows:

a. Anniversary shall be carried out in a simple, effective, efficient and strategic as an expression of gratitude for the existence of APPRI.

b. Conducted every 10th of April or the time specified by the board and special committee.

c. Anniversary shall be carried out by special committee, chosen by the board of APPRI at least 3 months before 10th of April or by the agreement between the board and the special committee for Anniversary.

d. APPRI Anniversary shall be completed with other activities such as seminar or symposium or discussion or other activity as agreed between the Board and special committee.

e. APPRI Anniversary shall be attended and invited the Board of APPRI, members of APPRI, founder of APPRI, partners and stakeholders of APPRI.


  1. The Chairman and Secretary General are selected and chosen in the triennial Congress based on the basis of discussion and consensus.
  2. Chairman position held for three years and can be re-elected for the next period for maximum two periods.
  3. The Chairman is assisted or accompanied by the Secretary General, has the prerogative in choosing the Advisory Board, Deputy Chairman (if required by the respective Chairman), General Treasurer and other officials as deemed needed or desired by the Chairman.
  4. The Chairman and Secretary General may choose the ‘cabinet’ directly during the Congress. However, if the time is insufficient, the new Chairman will be given a chance for two weeks (14 days) or no later than one month (30 days) after the congress to determine or choose the ‘cabinet’.
  5. The Chairman and Secretary General to call all prospective managers to agree or create a job description, followed by officially set the members of its management.
  6. Chairman and Secretary General provides the opportunity for members of the board or cabinet to draw up a work program that is realistic and concrete for a period of three years, during the 14 days (two weeks) after official announcement and to specify it in the plenary meeting of the Board.
  7. The new Board is obliged to inform the work program set out in the plenary meeting to all members at a special meeting attended by all members or announced it through APPRI’s special website or through other means.
  8. Membership of the Board shall be disqualified if:

a. The said member passed away

b. The said member resigned by submitting a written letter of resignation addressed to the Chairman and Secretary General.

c. Chairman and Secretary General dismiss a member of its Board if the said member is being uncooperative, being inactive for a long period of time or on the basis of considerations other than the ones specified above, the Chairman can then replace or appoint another member as replacement.

d. When unable to carry out their duties or cannot attend meetings and other activity, Chairman may delegate such responsibility to the Deputy Chairman or Secretary General.

e. If the Chairman remains incapacitated, Deputy Chairman (if any) shall automatically replace or automatically executed by Secretary General as Acting Chairman until the expiration of the Board.

f. If the Secretary General remains incapacitated, the Chairman may assign Acting Secretary General until the expiration of the Board.


  1. APPRI required having an office or permanent secretariat determined or set by the existing Board.
  2. Operational secretariat is the sole responsibility of the Chairman and run entirely by the Secretary General, assisted by specialized staff (total number as needed) that carries out their work in professional manner daily.
  3. The secretariat’s operational are drawn from the members’ fee (annual and entrance fee) or self-help or contributions from other donors.
  4. Scope of work (job description) of the specialized staff is assigned by the Secretary General, Deputy Chairman and required to do so.
  5. The specialized staff should be the organizations’ core that organized various organizations’ governance, such as administration, communication with various officers, members, branches of APPRI (if exists), with various stakeholders or network or external partners of APPRI as directed by APPRI Board.


1. APPRI’s financial are obtained from:

a. Entrance fee with the amount agreed upon in Congress (triennial).

b. Members’ Contribution and Donations agreed upon in Congress (triennial).

c. Other Party’s non-binding donations or donors or volunteers.

d. Other businesses such as seminars, workshop or courses, exhibition or a variety of other creative efforts of APPRI Board.

2. The core committee of APPRI shall manage finances, namely: Chairman, Deputy Chairman (if any), Secretary General and General Treasurer.

3. Financial management should be managed transparently and reported to the members on regular basis, especially at the annual meeting and during Congress.


  1. The complete organizations attributes include: logos, flags, seals, letterheads, and means of communications.
  2. Board of APPRI (Headquarter) can create updated logo, in accordance to the spirit of times, vision and mission of APPRI contained in the Statute.
  3. Board of APPRI can determine the color of the flag, along with the logo on the flag. The flag can be mounted or presented at the meetings or activities of APPRI and Congress.
  4. The main APPRI Seals can be designed and specified by the Board of APPRI, which become an important part of the administration, especially to officiate the letters.
  5. APPRI Letterheads can be assigned or designed specifically by the Board of APPRI for various administrative purpose or correspondence.
  6. Board of APPRI is expected to provide and have means of communication in which the information and content updated regularly by those who have the authority to do so and is easily accessible by members.


  1. Board of APPRI (Headquarter) should pioneer the opening of APPRI branch in the provinces or considering proposals from the region to open or establish a local branch.
  2. Board of APPRI (Headquarter) can create specific criteria for opening a local branch. If it meets the criteria, the Board may establish the branch as part of APPRI (Headquarter).
  3. Board of APPRI shall announce the APPRI local branch after officiating the existence of the branch by the Board (Headquarter).
  4. Board of APPRI (Headquarter) shall accompany, guide and assist various things for APPRI local branch to be independent.
  5. APPRI local branch shall run/adjust its organizations based on rules set by APPRI (Headquarter) such as Statutes, Bylaws and Code of Ethics, etc.


  1. Things that have not been regulated in the Bylaws can be set in Transitional Regulations issued by Board of APPRI (Headquarter) and do not conflict with Bylaws and Statutes.
  2. Transitional Regulations is valid until the next Congress.


Bylaws shall take effect from the date specified and authorized specifically by the Board of APPRI 2017-2020 on Friday, September 13, 2017 in Jakarta. This Bylaw is the first Bylaws since the existence of APPRI on April 10, 1987