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Vision and Mission


To be parent organization of public relations company in Indonesia where all member has the ability to compete on international level.


  1. Building the reputation of the organization.
  2. Creating a competitive and healthy public relations industry.
  3. Encouraging each member to have high professional ability.
  4. Building a professional culture that upholds code of ethics.

About the Logo


The colors on the circle represent the diversity of Members of APPRI. The circle shape represents the unity and strong kinship in APPRI. It embodies the hope that each member could create harmony together under the vision and mission of APPRI and together builds the PR industry in Indonesia.

APPRI writing

Black and red on APPRI are bold colors. The color black represents strength, firmness yet still elegant. The red color represents the passion, bravery and intensity. With the use of modern character letter, it symbolizes the hope for APPRI to be a firm association, decisive, and brave in protecting the member’s interest. Yet still authoritative and flexible with the never-ending intensity and passion to move forward.